Work The Numbers

from by Abstract Verses

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From where I stand I can see New York from here

To think a man could earn a fortune through the course of a year

I see a million ants marching to the beat of the city

Pulling strings from the sky because of all the thievery in me
Outstretching my hand from where I stand

The center wouldn’t hold, and so I decorated the border with badlands The tone of peace, embellish it with the yelp of a siren

Directing attention with the help of Poseidon
I'm witnessing the structure of one another from a birds eye visual

Above the clouds where the sounds are original

Life’s but a dream but a dream isn’t livable

And so I give em something to listen to

I dedicate these rhymes to my spine in the times that were pivotal
Admit it though, you’re just as guilty too

If the world had a top I would be there

If only I could work the numbers like a leap year

From where I stand I can kind of see the top floor

Sometimes I see them look down and I wonder if they want more

But I don’t look for long because my body wasn’t built for that

Instead I look ahead at that which keeps these skills intact

See if the world had a top I wouldn’t be there, I wouldn’t there

I know my number, I’m happy I have the capacity to be aware
I see a million men marching to the beat of their hearts
The rhythm of living given to people with spark

I know at least two of my students will be improving this place

I know I spent my youthful days perusing the waste amused at how it usually tastes

I know there’s use in informing them of all the stupid mistakes former communities made
But should I tell em bout the similarities of movements today

So if the world had a top would you be there

You think that you could work the numbers like a leap year?

From where I float I can see the planet as it actually is

Before me a sea of anonymity where these people practically live

Every joke I ever laughed at

Every fast track

Every hazmat

Every fat stack that's been devoted
to abstract maps that were meant to patch facts all together for backpacks

Yeah well I’m passed that

I am the spaceman, I go great lengths for man

Behind me is everything I’ve never known

To think that mission control could determine the fate of my soul

I play the pilot in evolving climates until I’m timeless

I'm hearing fire sirens, vibrant red horizons shining through two tired eyelids

I am the spaceman, I go great lengths for man, I’m here to reach ya

If the world had a top I would be there
If only I cold work the numbers like a leap year


from Calafate EP, released March 4, 2015
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Cambridge Sound Studios by Todd Mecaughey

All songs written and performed by Abstract Verses



all rights reserved


Abstract Verses Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Abstract Verses is a hip-hop experiment based out of Philadelphia. From them you can expect poetic lyrics, elaborate melodies, and a heavy emphasis on modern jazz based influences.

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